Laundry Soap Fundraising

Update April 12, 2015 : detergent in five- containers has proven to be a fantastic fundraiser for various organizations, especially high-school sports groups. Needless to say P&H will not let you know that their product will be sold in this way and most truly anyone promoting it while the brand name should really be shut down since that is clearly a no-no (and shame shame for the types who're selling natural reproductions) but you'll find defiantly 5 gallon containers of hold and gain boating for pennies to the money of everything you are spending while in the merchants.

My partner was approached with a co worker to buy detergent (and other things) in 5-quart buckets for a baseball fundraiser Hold, Obtain, Pantene, Downey, Palmolive. I had some Hold that I previously obtained and also the 5-quart container isn't Tide. Our corporation Great Clear Fundraiser sells washing detergent and textile softeners in 5 gallon containers. While we've caught with your chemical research to make an item that resembles the brand name items like Wave / Gain / Downy in odor, glance and effectiveness. The cause of my post is simply to inform that not all organizations promoting detergent in 5 gallon buckets are attempting to fool.

Ofcourse G&G will not tell you that their solution is being distributed in this manner and many truly everyone promoting it as the brand name must be power down since that Detergent fundraiser is a nono (and waste shame for your types who're selling real reproductions) but there are defiantly 5 gallon buckets of hold and gain going swimming for pennies on the buck of everything you are spending while in the stores.